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Real Estate Services | Paros Cyclades - Athens

The experienced lawyer Elissavet Tsertou and her network of partners in Athens and the Cyclades are active in the purchase and sale of real estate, offering comprehensive legal services.

In collaboration with renowned brokers and contractors, we undertake cases in Paros, where we are headquartered, in all the Cyclades, in Attica and throughout Greece, guaranteeing the quality of our services, our consistency and our professionalism.

In any case of purchase and sale, our office will undertake the control of the titles of the property, any pre-agreement and representation in the contract, in order to ensure the legal guarantee of our customers.

We work based on your best possible service, paying special attention to detail, having experience and specialization in the field of real estate.



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Our team is at your disposal for any information regarding the legal coverage of real estate sales throughout Greece.